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small OPED Photo_Page_1 Sonia Nazario’s latest opinion piece was featured in the New York Times Sunday Review February 26, 2017. Child refugees who come to this country alone from Central America have won special, deserved protections. Now those protections could be stripped away. Her story describes why this is wrong.

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The only way to really slow the flow of migrants coming to the U.S. unlawfully from Central America is to help fix what's pushing them out of the most violent countries on earth. Finally, the U.S. is doing something right in Central America--helping to fund efforts to reduce violence. Pastor Daniel Pacheco is leading the effort to cut violence in one of the worst neighborhoods in Honduras. He puts himself in the line of fire to help bring peace to his neighborhood. He needs our help. If you were moved by the story of Pastor Daniel Pacheco that was featured in my NY Times piece on August 14, 2016, please donate whatever you can HERE :

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