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Migrant children come to classrooms with many traumas educators must address.

The Familias Reunidas counseling guide was developed by the Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia to help. Not all families immigrate together to the United States and this guide is a tool for both parents and their children, many who make the journey north alone, to navigate through the mixed emotions of separation and reunification.

Lesson 1, Part 1: The Parent’s Perspective (La Perspectiva Del Padre)

Lesson 1, Part 2: The Parent’s Perspective (La Perspectiva Del Padre)

Lesson 2, Part 1: The Child’s Perspective (La Perspective Del Niño)

Lesson 2, Part 2: The Child’s Perspective and Evaluation (La Perspective Del Niño y Apéndice)

Additional versions of the Reconnecting Families handbook developed through a partnership with Fairfax (VA) County Public Schools are available on the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. Six books are available on the site.


small OPED Photo_Page_1 Sonia Nazario’s latest opinion piece was featured on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Review 8/14/16. It’s good news! The piece shows how US violence prevention and intervention programs are helping Honduras, the country Enrique came from, reduce homicides. These programs have helped Honduras but also the U.S. by reducing the number of children fleeing these neighborhoods to migrate north.
Instead of the usual programs the U.S. funds, which focus on suppression, we should replicate these programs elsewhere in central america. If you are moved by the story of Pastor Daniel Pacheco, who puts himself in the line of fire to bring peace to the neighborhood I write about, please donate whatever you can HERE :

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