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Sonia has spoken at more than 400 universities, colleges, conferences, high schools, libraries, book clubs, and events. She is an inspiring and dynamic speaker who often receives standing ovations. She hopes to fit most speeches in 2017 into the spring and fall months, so she has time to work on her next book. Click here to view descriptions of her most common speeches. Click here to see clips of her talks.

To Schedule Sonia:


Des Moines, IA
August 7, 2017
Annual Climate & Culture Summit

August 23, 2017
Glenbard Schools

Pasadena, CA
September 18, 2017
Polytechnic School

Sacramento, CA
October 6, 2017
County Welfare Directors Association of California Conference (CWDA)

Burlingame, CA
October 11, 2017
Strengthening Student Success Conference

Davis, CA
October 21, 2017
Puente Workshop, University of California, Davis

Indianapolis, IN
October 24, 2017
Indiana University – Purdue University

San Antonio, TX
October 26, 2017
Catch The Next Educators Meeting

Los Angeles, CA
December 1, 2017
Facing History


Lakeville, MN
January 15, 2018 (MLK Day)
Lakeville North High School

New York City, NY
February 8-9, 2018
Friends Seminary

Memphis, TN
March 6, 2018
Facing History and Ourselves

Poughkeepsie, NY   OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
March 8, 2018
Marist College



Click here to read Sonia’s two-part blog for the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) about how storytelling can change entrenched views, even on the most polarizing issues.

Sonia Nazario’s latest opinion piece was featured in the LA Times on April 23, 2017. Sonia walks readers through the investments the U.S. can and should make not only to reduce unlawful migration, but get at the heart of why most people are now coming to the U.S. illegally. Drawing from her time researching and bearing witness to the atrocities, as well as those people and programs making progress in counteracting violence, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Sonia shares her convictions as to how to best help, not only the citizens of this region, but the U.S.’s best interests.

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The only way to really slow the flow of migrants coming to the U.S. unlawfully from Central America is to help fix what’s pushing them out of the most violent countries on earth. Finally, the U.S. is doing something right in Central America–helping to fund efforts to reduce violence. Pastor Daniel Pacheco is leading the effort to cut violence in one of the worst neighborhoods in Honduras. He puts himself in the line of fire to help bring peace to his neighborhood. He needs our help. If you were moved by the story of Pastor Daniel Pacheco that was featured in my NY Times piece on August 14, 2016, please donate whatever you can – CLICK HERE

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Sonia Nazario speaks at universities, conferences, high schools, and other events.

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